Best Way to Burn Body Fat

Don’t be afraid to build muscle and have a food plan in place, which leads to

burning  fat without feeling like you are on a diet.

Burning Fat

Building muscle takes part in toning your body. Many women express their concerns about becoming to big or bulky and don’t realize that it is harder to build muscle than it is to lose body fat. 

Have you ever noticed that people who have more muscle tone have the ability to consume more food?  Do you know why? As you may already know, muscle burns more calories than fat.  Look at it this way, for each lb. of muscle you have, you can burn up to 40 calories per lb. vs. fat at 4 calories per lb.

Having muscle offers many benefits.  It offers you more energy, more calorie burn, better mood stability, more strength & flexibility, which in turn improves all your daily activities, and more.

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