Your Basic yet Free Exercise you can do Daily

Walking 20-30 minutes a day is something we trainers advocate. It’s true… things like diabetes and blood sugar levels are mainly controllable through diet but walking alone, and just being active in general, have plenty of benefits.
For instance, if you have extra abdominal fat, your body’s ability to control insulin levels becomes reduced. A Canadian study recently found people who walked briskly for about an hour a day decreased their abdominal fat by 20% in 14 weeks, in addition, of course, to following the proper healthy-eating patterns.
Want to increase the positive effects of walking? Couple your brisk walk with short intervals of speed-walking!
Plus, walking is easy to do, and something you don’t have to think (or stress) about: Grab a buddy or do it on your own (it’s very therapeutic) and just strap on those sneakers and go!
Cathie Wong/fit2btrim
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