About Cathie

Cathie, your online training coach

Cathie, your online training coach

I believe that fitness should be a way of life for each and every one of us. There are many reasons why we want to focus on our health and fitness. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help us to better enjoy our quality of life as we age, reduce our chances for chronic diseases, reduce stress and maintain a healthy body weight.

What matters most to me is that you are proud of how you look and feel, have more physical energy and mental clarity. And, I want to help you get there in a way that works best with your life and schedule. Working with people online, via Skype or telephone, gives us a variety of ways to collaborate on your health and fitness goals.

My passion for fitness training was ignited when I picked up my first dumbbell at the age of 15. Although I have been a health and fitness “devotee” since I began Martial Arts training at seven years of age, I was always very active and participated in all types of sports. I became a member at my first fitness facility when I was 18 …and have never stopped expanding my knowledge of body mechanics, nutrition, strength, flexibility, and weight loss.


With this knowledge, I had the courage to compete in bodybuilding competitions, making it to the level of “Muscle Mania World.” Not everyone’s goal is to get into body building! However, the discipline and insight I gained from my life-long passion for health and well-being have given me a philosophy of life that I live by and apply to my work.

Here are my “Six Components of Wellness” that I apply to my training programs that help lead to healthy aging:

  1. Physical ~ The ability to carry out daily tasks, to be fit and healthy, and maintain healthy body fat levels.
  2. Emotional ~ The ability to control stress and to express your emotions appropriately and comfortably.
  3. Social ~ Having the ability to interact successfully with people in your environment.
  4. Occupational ~ To achieve a balance between work and leisure that promotes health and a sense of personal satisfaction.
  5. Intellectual ~ The ability to learn and use information effectively for personal, family and career development.
  6. Spiritual ~ This provides meaning and direction in your life and enabling you to grow, learn and meet new challenges.

My credentials include: Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Consultant, Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Sport Nutrition, Specialist in Exercise Therapy,  Certified Advanced Pilates Instructor, and Certificate of Achievement in “Balance Training for Seniors.”

To learn more about how I can support you in your goals, please email me or call me at 925-272-9032.

Want to know why  Diets don’t work? Take a look at the video below.

Want to know how to get started?  Email me at: cathie@onlinepersonaltrainingcoach.com