How do you view “CORE” muscles?

When I am in a training session, people often ask “when can I get a flat belly or 6 pack abs”?  Of course, first thing that comes to mind is that they are only looking for esthetics.  I must admit, I too enjoyed having well defined abs, but it takes work…lots of it.  Eating well […] Read more »

Another Benefit to Higher Protein

Did you know that your risk for a stroke can decrease by 26% when you increase your intake of protein for every 20 grams? People who got more protein in their diets, especially fish, had lower chances of stroke. Doctors reviewed 7 stroke studies that followed 254,489 people for an average of 14 years and […] Read more »

Your Basic yet Free Exercise you can do Daily

Walking 20-30 minutes a day is something we trainers advocate. It’s true… things like diabetes and blood sugar levels are mainly controllable through diet but walking alone, and just being active in general, have plenty of benefits. For instance, if you have extra abdominal fat, your body’s ability to control insulin levels becomes reduced. A Canadian study recently found people […] Read more »

Are you Ready for New Year’s Resolution REVOLUTION?

The New Year is coming and I’m sure there is plenty of talk about your New Year’s Resolution. Many will join the gym with high hopes of trimming down, looking & feeling good for the spring and summer. But many will never step foot back inside the fitness facility they originally joined. Is it possible […] Read more »

Reading Labels

We had another wonderful class today about reading nutrition labels. Reading the food labels can be misleading and we learned quite a bit today about what to look for in these labels. What most people didn’t know was what “reduced” actually means as far as percentages were concerned.  Reading labels can be pretty tricky if […] Read more »