Your Basic yet Free Exercise you can do Daily

Walking 20-30 minutes a day is something we trainers advocate. It’s true… things like diabetes and blood sugar levels are mainly controllable through diet but walking alone, and just being active in general, have plenty of benefits. For instance, if you have extra abdominal fat, your body’s ability to control insulin levels becomes reduced. A Canadian study recently found people […] Read more »

Are you Ready for New Year’s Resolution REVOLUTION?

The New Year is coming and I’m sure there is plenty of talk about your New Year’s Resolution. Many will join the gym with high hopes of trimming down, looking & feeling good for the spring and summer. But many will never step foot back inside the fitness facility they originally joined. Is it possible […] Read more »

Exercise as Effective as Drugs in Disease Treatment

Exercise may be as effective as medications in certain types of disease management, according to a new review published this week in the British Medical Journal. The review, which analyzed more than 305 trials with 339,274 participants, compared drug and exercise interventions and found that exercise proved similar to medications for heart disease prevention, heart […] Read more »

10 days left for “FREE” Optimal Health & Weight Management Program

“FREE” To Lose Weight Program is happening in 10 days. There are only a few spots left. My coaching service is free for 12 weeks. All I need from you are testimonials, before and after pictures, and your subscription to the web portal which is only $24.95 for 3 months. I will be closing the […] Read more »