Incredible Feedback!

Here’s what some of my clients have to say…


A few months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Cathie Wong (Online Personal Training coach).  I had been fooling around trying to lose weight without a foundation or a plan to get it done.  Cathie started me off in a juicing program in which I immediately felt better and lost 10 lbs..  Then I attended her 12 week group/internet meetings through TLS.  It was very educational and I learned the importance of reading labels, journaling (recording my daily exercise and caloric intake) and managing stress.   Essentially, Cathie was very helpful in having me realize a lifestyle change was necessary, it’s not just dieting, it’s about doing what is right for your body and changing habits that are not good for your health.

-Mike Shea


“Cathie did a great job of giving me the information and the ‘push’ I needed to drop 18 pounds in under 12 weeks. She has a wonderful way of blending the facts of nutrition and exercise with the necessary emotional drive to stick with the program and get it done. My results have been excellent and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today, health-wise, without Cathie’s coaching. Thank-you, Cathie.”

-Laurence H.


“Poor eating habits, knee injuries and a lack of exercise had me over 300 pounds in September of 2012.  While making some strides, my progress accelerated significantly by being a part of Cathie’s 12 week, 101 nutrition, encouragement and training program.  I now work out daily, (walk/swim) eat much healthier, and feel much better physically and emotionally at my now weight of 250 pounds.  I am confident with my new life habits and success I have experienced working with Cathie, I will be at my 225 pound goal weight in the very near future.”

Thank you for working with me as a part of your group.

All my best/Roland   -Roland Ellingsen, Dublin CA – Age 50


“I have only had a few Pilates sessions with Cathie; however, what I have noticed is that the varicose veins in my legs have either disappeared and/or they are less pronounced. I started out with a significant tenderness in my right elbow from hours on the computer that has vanished. Last week end I went to a wedding with a live band and danced for several hours. My breathing and stamina were substantially different. I was astonished.  I attribute these changes directly to Pilates, Cathie’s teaching style and her wealth of knowledge.”  Standing straighter.

-Jude  (64yo)


“Besides helping my back …my posture, figure and confidence have improved.”

-Robin B. ~Artist


“I feel sooo good! My troubles areas are becoming smaller and better looking….butt and thighs. I even got a compliment from a stranger about what nice legs I have !! I am only 5’3″, so every inch of height is important to me and find that Pilates keeps me elongated.”

-Sharon R. ~Entrepreneur


“I love the way I look in my jeans! I have more endurance, loss of inches, more energy and most important….the way I look in my jeans!”

-Carolyn M. ~Wine Sales Manager


“I had broken my foot twice the previous year. But ever since working with Cathie, I no longer have balance problems and they have become stronger. I now walk with better posture.”

-Kathy I. ~Court Reporter


“Cathie is committed to fitness and the success of her clients. She has ingrained the importance of fitness to me to the point that I feel guilty if I go to long without working out. She has several certifications in fitness and continues her education to learn new techniques and offers nutrition tips. I highly recommend a client to take a training session from Cathie. She kept me focused on my goal and I met it.”

-Joan H. ~Customer Service Manager


“I’m forever grateful! So Is My Husband! Just a quick note to let you know that your fitness camp is the best thing that I could have done for myself. It started out as a way to get myself started, but then I was hooked. 5 months later, I’ve seen a dramatic change in my body shape and overall strength. It feels great!”

-Cindi L. ~Court Reporter


“I am a rapidly aging triathlete and a personal training client of Cathie’s for more than a year, and found her to be a very professional and competent personal trainer. She discussed my fitness goals thoroughly and designed a weight resistance program that fit into my other sports of swimming, biking and running. Cathie also encourages me to ‘perform the exercise correctly,’ rather than focus on lifting huge amounts of weight.

I have been very pleased with the extra endurance and strength I have discovered since adding weight resistance to my fitness regimen. I would recommend Cathie without hesitation to anyone interested in absolutely getting results.”

-Robert H. ~Computer Programmer


“My end result in 6 months was a 2″ loss and great strength gains. My energy levels have gone up and has inadvertently improved my golf game! I learned more from Cathie in a year about my well-being than anyone else that I ever trained with. She has a wonderful attitude and commitment to helping people get back on track with their health. She is a credit to her profession and she certainly helped me.”

-Yvonne L. ~Sales & Marketing


“I have patternless muscle atrophy and weakness throughout my body resulting from childhood polio. This unusual disability and the fact that I am a retired neurologist probably makes me less than an ideal client for a personal trainer. However, Cathie met the challenge very well.”

-Clayton P. ~M.D.

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